prom|ise1 W2S2 [ˈprɔmıs US ˈpra:-] v
1.) [I and T]
to tell someone that you will definitely do or provide something or that something will happen
Last night the headmaster promised a full investigation.
promise to do sth
She's promised to do all she can to help.
promise (that)
Hurry up - we promised we wouldn't be late.
promise sb (that)
You promised me the car would be ready on Monday.
'Promise me you won't do anything stupid.' 'I promise.'
promise sth to sb
I've promised that book to Ian, I'm afraid.
promise sb sth
The company promised us a bonus this year.
'I'll be back by 1.00.' ' Promise ?' 'Yes! Don't worry.'
He reappeared two hours later, as promised .
2.) [T]
to show signs of something
promise to be sth
Tonight's meeting promises to be a difficult one.
dark clouds promising showers later
3.) promise sb the moon/the earth
to promise to give someone something that is impossible for you to give
4.) I can't promise (anything)
spoken used to tell someone that you will try to do what they want, but may not be able to
I'll try my best to get tickets, but I can't promise anything.
5.) I promise you
spoken used to emphasize a promise, warning, or statement
I promise you, it does work!
promise 2
promise2 W2S3 n
[Date: 1300-1400; : Latin; Origin: promissum, from the past participle of promittere 'to send out, promise']
a statement that you will definitely do or provide something or that something will definitely happen
promise of
a promise of help
promise to
his promise to his father
promise to do sth
She made a promise to visit them once a month.
promise that
his promise that the job would be mine
keep/break a promise
(=to do or fail to do something you promised)
Don't make promises you can't keep.
I might have to break my promise.
I'll never lie to you again. You have my solemn promise .
2.) [U]
signs that something or someone will be good or successful
a young man full of promise
Bill shows great promise as a goalkeeper.
She didn't fulfil her early promise .
3.) [singular,U]
a sign that something, usually something good, may happen
promise of
the promise of spring
The letter gave a promise of greater happiness.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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